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Why I Highly Recommend Becoming An Affiliate

Anyway, I was thinking of how cool
being an affiliate is.

 The beauty of it is,
you don't need your own products.
 You don't need to build a sales page
 You don't need to create the graphics
 You don't need to handle customer support
 You don't need to set anything up yourself.

 All you do is grab a link, then promote it
 Once a sale is made
you get a slice of the pie!

YOU Don't

 need a sales page or
Spend a lot of money on startup or
A lot of contacts or a
Business  Building Background or
Marketing Skills or creating videos,
blogs, podcasts or
 Graphics or


As this is all done for you.

So for new people getting started
in this online world,
being an affiliate 
is the fastest way to getting
your feet wet in this game,
as it requires no big hurdle to get started

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